Yellow Flame Guppy

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Yellow Flame Guppy

This strain of guppy is particularly beautiful as both males and females are yellow with red tails and it is usually only the males that have striking colouration as the females of most types are usually grey or brown.

Appearance Male Guppies are smaller than Female Guppies but with larger more colourful tail fins. The males are also found with a variety of beautiful fin shapes and colours. The males like all live bearers have a long, thin anal fin or gonopodium which can be maneuvered in any direction and they breed by inserting this into the female and sperm transfer is over in seconds.

Peaceful These are peaceful fish in general although fin nipping can appear between them. Keeping a ratio of one male to two females generally will keep fin nipping to a minimum and help spread out the males advances to minimize your females from getting harassed and stressed out but the more females the better.

Community They are excellent fish for a beginner and for most community aquarium setups.  Take care when you choose tank mates for your guppies such as Tiger Barbs and Rosey Barbs.  They are fin nippers and can cause great damage and stress to your guppies who are much slower at swimming and eventually it can lead to death.

Tank Coverage  Guppies can cover all areas of a fish tank with no real preference. They do however feed mainly from the surface of the water.

Feeding They do very well on flake food alone. Supplementing their diet with blood worms can be done to try and bring out their colours even more but they will nibble on most commercially available fish foods.

Guppy Breeding This is one of the easiest fish that you can breed. Having at least one male and female together in a tank and taking good care of them will almost certainly produce Guppy Fry but most fry will be eaten by the adults unless they have lots of hiding places or are removed after birth and allowed to grow out separately as guppies do not care for their fry. Once the baby fish are at least 2cm the adults will not see them as food and will ignore them.

The Gravid Spot which is the area around the anus of the Female will become darker in colour once she is pregnant and her stomach will become huge and almost square shaped when she is ready to release the fry. Once the gravid spot darkens the fish will give birth and the pregnancy will last between 20-30 days depending on temperature. The number of Guppy Fry can range between 1 and more than 100 with typical numbers being between 20 and 50. You will be able to tell when a Female is close to giving birth by looking for a few of the following signs. One is that she will become less active and lie still on the tank floor or hang near the surface for long periods of time. One method to save as many fry as possible is to put a Pregnant Guppy in one compartment of a breeder net with two compartments in the same tank in which she lived when she fell pregnant. Only put her in the breeding net once she is very close to giving birth. Once she has given birth you can put her in the other compartment of the breeding net so she can rest out for a day or two before releasing her back into the tank.

Another method of increasing the chance of survival of the Fry is to have lots of hiding places in your fish tank in the form of floating and other plants. Ornaments with a lot of nooks and crannies will also help a great deal. Not only will the Fry have places to hide from the large fish but the Pregnant mother will also have cover from the Males that will keep on approaching her even when she is pregnant and after she has given birth to try and breed again.

Not separating the Female into a breeder net but only supplying hiding places in the form of plants and ornaments will ultimately result in some Fry being eaten. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it will be mostly the weaker Fry that will be eaten resulting in only the stronger Guppy Fish growing up to be adults. I guess that how you approach this depends on how much time and effort you want to spend on Breeding these amazing little fish.

Temperature – 72°F – 80°F (22-26 °C)

Region  – Northeast South America

Temperament– Not Aggressive/Tropical Community

Breeding – Live bearer

PH – 6.5 – 8.5

Maximum Size – 2 inches

Difficulty – Beginner

Any questions regarding fish keeping etc please feel free to message me as I have over 30 years of experience with breeding and keeping hundreds of different species!

Thank you!
Jay & Melisa –

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Yellow Flame Guppy

10 Yellow Flame Guppies (3-5cm) – £25, Trio Adult – 2 FEMALES/1 MALE – Breeding Size – £12

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