Wildlife Pond Natural Clean Up Crew Bundle – Plants & Snails


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Wildlife Pond Natural Clean Up Crew – Plants & Snails

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In this Wildlife Pond Natural Clean Up Crew Bundle – Plants & Snails, you will receive:

  • 10 Brown Leopard Ramshorns
  • 10 Bladder Snails
  • 50 Salvinia Natans floating Plant

Eager to revitalize your aquarium or pond this season? Dive into our all-in-one bundle of aquatic janitors! These fantastic helpers make a superb addition to any aquarium, whether it’s already brimming with life or you’re seeking a dynamic start.

These plants and critters reproduce swiftly, assuming various roles in maintaining a harmonious balance in your pond. Read on to learn more about their fascinating contributions.

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Your parcel will be delivered in a compact box, perfectly sized to slide through your letterbox. Inside, you’ll find the snails in protective test tubes. To keep you in the loop, we provide you with complimentary tracking for all deliveries, so you can follow your aquatic friends’ journey right to your doorstep.

At AquaManLife.com, we’ve delivered thousands of aquatic snails to thrilled aquarists. If you suspect any of our slimy pals arrived DOA, kindly reach out to us within 1 hour of receiving your tracked parcel. We may request the item’s return if the photo or video evidence isn’t convincing. However, if there’s a genuine issue, we’ll do our best to find a solution, as we want everyone to be delighted with their purchase.

Our pride comes from nurturing, breeding, and delivering the finest specimens for our valued customers.

SALVINIA NATANS FLOATING PLANT – Our plants are grown under good lighting and we feed them only the best shrimp safe fertilizers so they look great and in perfect condition.

SALVINIA NATANS: the perfect floating plant to greenify your aquarium or pond! This fast-growing, adaptable, and hardy plant is a dream come true for hobbyists. Beyond its easy care, Salvinia Natans pulls double duty by purifying the water, removing heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Think of it as an extra filtration assistant, expertly eliminating ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, and phosphates to create a healthier home for your aquatic buddies.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal and usefulness in aquariums, Salvinia Natans shines as a natural water purifier, making it a fantastic choice for wildlife ponds dependent on plants for filtration and purification. This floating marvel is particularly skilled at extracting copper and other heavy metals from the water. By overshadowing light-hungry algae, Salvinia Natans outwits them for essential nutrients, effectively halting the spread of unsightly green water and the infamous bearded algae.

Salvinia Natans goes beyond just purifying water—it offers vital cover for tiny fish fry, tadpoles, and shrimp, shielding them from birds and other predators. Its roots create great coverage for any fry to make them feel more safe and protected. Salvinia Natans is not only functional but also enhances the serene ambiance of your pond or aquarium with its lush green hue.

Care Level: Easy

Growth Rate: Very Fast

Light Requirement: Medium

Water Conditions: 5-9 pH and Soft-Moderately Hard (doesn’t matter)

Temperature: Suitable for all temperatures & will multiply rapidly but frost can kill it off if the pond freezes. If this occurs, simply put some in a small water filled dish on a windowsill and next spring it will be ready to go again.

Propagation: Spore-production or through fragmentation or by splitting

BLADDER SNAILS – Efficient Algae-Eaters

BLADER SNAILS make a lively addition to any freshwater aquarium or pond. These native critters are natural algae eaters, keeping your aquatic habitat clean and pristine. As they swiftly skim across the water’s surface, they diligently feast on decomposing organic waste, various algae types, and even dead leaves. By stopping algae from suffocating plant foliage, they play a crucial role in preserving your plants’ vitality.

Suitable for Any Aquatic Environment

Bladder Snails, a petite aquatic snail species, grow up to approximately 1cm. Native to the UK, they’re well-suited for cold water and tropical freshwater aquariums, as well as outdoor ponds. With their easygoing nature, these snails harmoniously coexist with any freshwater inhabitant, making them a versatile and enjoyable addition to any aquatic setting.

Live Food and Decorative

Bladder Snails boast delicate, translucent shells that range from brown to yellow, often showcasing striking gold markings as they mature. With ample food, they reproduce rapidly, serving as live sustenance for loaches, pufferfish, and other aquatic life. Beyond their practical advantages, Bladder Snails also elevate your tank or pond’s visual appeal, contributing a distinctive splash of life and hue.


On the hunt for an efficient solution to maintain your aquarium or pond’s cleanliness and well-being? Meet Brown Ramshorn Snails! These remarkable snails make an excellent addition to any freshwater tropical or cold-water aquarium or pond, here’s why:

Effective Cleaners

Brown Ramshorn Snails outgrow your average snail, reaching the size of a 50p coin at full maturity. These diligent cleaners excel at removing algae from rocks and plants, while also feasting on uneaten fish food and decaying plant debris such as fallen leaves. By maintaining water cleanliness, these snails aid in algae growth and the buildup of other detrimental substances in your aquarium or pond.

Adaptable to a Wide Range of Environments:

Once gently acclimated to their new surroundings, these snails can thrive in a vast array of temperatures and water conditions. This adaptability renders them perfect for freshwater tropical and cold-water aquariums, as well as outdoor ponds in the UK. Additionally, they serve as excellent live food for many different creatures frequenting the pond.

Our snails are hatched in-house and boast healthy shells, thanks to a diet of premium foods and proper calcium supplementation, ensuring their prime health and longevity. Ramshorn snails won’t harm or feast on your live plants; instead, they play a crucial role in cleaning and maintaining plant health and appearance.

Given their adaptability and hard work in promoting a clean, flourishing aquatic environment, Brown Ramshorn Snails are a must-try for any water-dwelling aficionado. Experience the transformation they bring!

As always, it’s essential to conduct thorough research to ensure you’re adding the right fish to your setup. If you have any inquiries about fishkeeping or our Wildlife Pond Natural Clean Up Crew Bundle – Plants & Snails, etc., don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With over 30 years of experience breeding and caring for hundreds of distinct species, we’re here to help!

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