SALVINIA NATANS FLOATING – Tropical Live Plant – 100 pieces


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100x SALVINIA NATANS FLOATING PLANT – Tropical Live Plant – WATER SPANGLES – Coldwater/Tropical Live Plant – £6.50

Water Spangles – SALVINIA NATANS Floating Plant is the fastest growing and most hardy of all the tropical floating plants. It is a free floating fern, popular in the aquarium hobby due to it’s beautiful shade of green, adaptability, hardiness and ease of care. In addition, Water Spangles remove heavy metals (including copper) very efficiently. Water Spangles/Salvinia Natans is phenomenal at removing ammonia, nitrites, phosphates and nitrates from the water column acting as an extension to your filtration system which is why it is so popular within the aquarium hobby.

Water Spangles, like all floating plants, grows best if the surface of the water isn’t agitated with too much water flow etc. This plant is the best at purifying your water and shading the aquarium from too much light that causes algae blooms

Water Spangles – SALVINIA NATANS Floating Plant is also a perfect plant to offer your fish some much needed shelter and great for breeder tanks. Small fish or fry are able to shelter within the roots of the floating plants and something for them to nibble at and can give the other fish some covering as well. It’s also ideal for shrimp for those same reasons. This plant is a great way to give your tank a natural and peaceful look and feel with it’s vibrant green colouring. Perfect for any size tank.

Care Level: Easy

Growth Rate: Very Fast

Light Requirement: Medium

Water Conditions: 5-9 pH and Soft to Moderately Hard (Does not matter)

Temperature: 72 – 82°F

Maximum Size of the leaves: Maximum 0.6 inches (1.5 cm)

Propagation : Spore-production or through fragmentation or by splitting

No CO2 needed

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