Vibrant Red Swordtail

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Red Swordtail

Swordtails are a  peaceful fish and are suitable for tropical community setups with other fish of the same nature. They are live bearers which means they give birth to on average about 50 live young every month or so. When mature these fish are easy to sex as the males develop a broad sword like tail and the females have a wider body. They become sexually mature after 2 months and are prolific breeders.

Swordtails will need a diet of 80% vegetable matter and 20% protein- I feed mine Repashy gel foods, boiled green beans, Algae wafers, sinking pellets and spirulina flakes as well as the occasional prawn or mussel as a treat but their staple diet is a good quality fish flake.

They are peaceful but males will sometimes fight but it’s usually nothing serious and these fish are compatible with many other peaceful fish like tetra , guppies , Danios etc but tiny fry and creatures will be a snack.

Temperature – 72°F – 80°F (22-26 °C)

Region  – North and Central America

Temperament– Not Aggressive Community

Breeding – Live bearer

PH – 6.5 – 8.5

Maximum Size – 5.5 inches

Difficulty – Beginner

Any questions regarding fish keeping etc. please feel free to message me as I have over 30 years of experience with breeding and keeping hundreds of different species!

Thank you Jay Newman –

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Red Swordtail

10 Juveniles (3-5cm) – £20, Trio Adult – 2 FEMALES/1 MALE – Breeding Size – £12

1 review for Vibrant Red Swordtail

  1. Talia (verified owner)

    Melissa was very friendly, making sure the delivery date would work and then sending me postage details. The swords arrived early the day after ordering and were packaged very well, all arriving healthy. They are stunning, the males and females are a lovely deep red and the males have very nicely developed swords, very sturdy and are quickly settling. Can’t wait to watch them grow more into some amazing centrepiece fish.

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