Malawi Saulosi Cichlids (Pseudotropheus Saulosi) 3-4cm


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Malawi Saulosi Cichlids (Pseudotropheus Saulosi) 3-4cm

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These fish are 3-4 cm and will be a vibrant yellow/orange, with the males eventually turning a beautiful blue pattern as shown in the photos.

Pseudotropheus Saulosi are a dwarf Mbuna species of African cichlid from lake Malawi. Unlike most of the species from the great freshwater lake both males and females are both colourful even as Juveniles. These fish will start off yellow/orange and the males will turn a dark intense blue with black vertical stripes when they mature at about 2 inches. Females will stay yellow/orange permanently. So that being said they will add 2 different striking colours to your tank even if they are kept as a species only setup. This is perfect if you wanted to try breeding African cichlids but you was fed up of having tanks full of drab coloured females and Juveniles like the majority of the Malawi cichlid species. Pseudotropheus Saulosi being a dwarf Mbuna don’t grow as large as the other cichlids either getting to a maximum size of about 3 to 4 inches. They are also less aggressive than the majority of Mbuna but will still chase each other and display territorial behaviour like all cichlids in my experience I have found that they’re not really killers like some types I have kept. They should be fed predominantly vegetable based foods for Malawi cichlids and spirulina flakes, algae wafers, with the occasional prawn or mussel. They will also take blanched vegetables sometimes but be sure to wash off pesticides etc. These fish are mouth brooders meaning the females hold the eggs and fry in their mouths for about 3 weeks as a way to protect their babies and it is an awesome and effective way of raising their fry. Once released by the female she and the other fish will eat the fry so be sure to provide lots of lava Rock etc. for hiding places or better still strip the fry from the female is the best way to ensure more fry survive if you’re experienced/confident enough as a fish keeper to do this without harming the fish. It’s worth noting that most Malawi cichlids will destroy live plants with the exception of a few.

As always, it’s essential to conduct thorough research to ensure you’re adding the right fish to your setup. If you have any inquiries about fishkeeping or anything aquatic related, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. With over 30 years of experience breeding and caring for hundreds of distinct species, we’re here to help!

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