Guppy Grass (Najas Guagalupensis) – 10g


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Guppy Grass (Najas Guagalupensis) – 10g for £6.99 – Grown Submerged Live Plant

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Our aquarium plants are grown under water unlike most aquatic outlets which means your plants won’t melt back as they don’t have to grow new leaves to adapt to your aquatic environment. Our plants are also grown under strong lighting and we feed them only the best shrimp safe fertilizers so they look great and in perfect condition for our customers. Our Guppy Grass is grown in a snail free aquarium so you shouldn’t have any invaders if you prefer to keep a snail free environment, however if you do like snails we usually have some good varieties on our listings if they are in stock so please feel free to check out our other adverts.

Guppy Grass is a fast and easy growing plant. It is popular in the aquarium hobby for its use in guppy tanks by beginner, intermediate and expert aquarists.

Guppy grass provides the best hiding spots for fry, and adult fish like to swim around it. This plant is fairly hardy and versatile. It can be floated in the water column or rooted in the substrate, and it can thrive without CO2 injection as well. It is also full of micro organisms and infusoria and that is the basis of the food chain in our aquariums so guppy grass is incredible for raising fry of all types of ornamental fish species. It grows much faster than most of the types of moss and therefore it is much better at removing nitrates and phosphates etc. The last thing to mention about guppy grass is it has a beautiful vibrant green colour and grows nice and bushy.

Minimum Tank Size: 2 Litres

Care Level: Very Easy

Growth Rate: Fast

Light Requirement: Low – Medium

Water Conditions: 6.0 – 8.0 Ph  (Soft to Moderately Hard)

Temperature: 20 – 26 °C (68 – 79 °F)

Maximum Size: Up to 90 cm (~3 feet) without trimming

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