Fire Red Cherry Shrimp – High Grade Neocaridina

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Fire Red Cherry Shrimp – High Grade Neocaridina

These are our photos of the shrimp you can purchase. We have worked hard to preserve this strain by culling undesirable specimens so all of our shrimp now breed true to this colour type so you will only receive colourful shrimp as seen in the photos we have provided.

Fire Red Neocardina shrimp are easy to care for in the home freshwater aquarium hobby and breed well. They will adapt to a wide range of water conditions but they really have to be acclimated slowly and carefully to new conditions as they can be shocked if this process is rushed as they really don’t like swings or sudden changes in the water temperature and chemistry so please do some research on how to acclimate shrimp properly and responsibly, and they will thrive in the same conditions as many common aquarium fish. A few Neocardina shrimps can be kept in a desktop aquarium of 4-8 liters (1-2 gallon) capacity, or a larger setup of 40 litres (10 gallons) or more will allow for an active colony. The Neocardina is a non-aggressive shrimp. They are active throughout the day, and can be seen grazing on algae that covers your plants, rocks/wood, aquarium décor or the sides of the tank. These are a beautiful little addition and a very interesting creature to add to your tank as they get to work right away and they seem to never stop working on cleaning our Aquariums. They are extremely peaceful creatures, and just keep to themselves.

Minimum Tank Size: 1-2 Gallons

Care Level: Easy

Water Conditions: 6-9 pH and Soft to Moderately Hard

Temperature: 64 – 81°F (18-27 °C)

Temperament/Personality: Easy-going and Peaceful

They feed on a large variety of items such as algae, fish food – flake & Spirulina based food, wafers, boiled vegetables etc.

Any questions regarding fish keeping etc. please feel free to message me as I have over 30 years of experience with breeding and keeping hundreds of different species!

Thank you Jay Newman –

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Fire Red Cherry Shrimp

10 Shrimp – £20, 20 Shrimp – £40, 5 Shrimp – £9.99


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