Natural Brown Ramshorn Snails – 1-2cm



Brown Ramshorn Snails

High Grade Medium to Large – Aquatic/Freshwater/Aquarium/Pond/Algae eater/Clean Up Crew 

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Discover the beauty of our High Grade Brown Ramshorn Snails! If you’re searching for the ultimate aquatic cleaning crew, our Brown Ramshorn Snails are the answer. These photos are actually of the snails you can purchase from us that we breed. We have worked hard to preserve this strain. By culling undesirable specimens, all of our snails now breed true to this colour type. You will finally get decent snails instead of specimens most online sellers supply to you. We really take pride in caring/breeding/providing the best specimens for our customers.

The Ramshorn Snail is extremely effective at cleaning algae from aquarium glass, ornaments and plants and will consume uneaten fish food and decaying plant matter. They are perfect for fresh-water tropical and cold-water aquariums and can even be kept in ponds outside in the UK once slowly acclimating them because they can tolerate an extremely wide variety of temperatures and water conditions when adapted to their new water environment.

It’s important to mention that Ramshorn snails will not eat or damage your live plants in fact they are really important for cleaning and keeping them healthy and looking their best making them a perfect addition to a planted aquarium. They are great for eating away at any type of algae and even detritus in your tank, making them ideal for being a part of your clean up crew for you aquarium. They are extremely peaceful and can be kept with many different types of fish and invertebrates. Ramshorn snails can live several years as well, giving you plenty of enjoyment time having them in your setup.

They also make good live food for puffer fish and many of the different types of snail eating loaches and can be very beneficial for getting many species of fish into spawning condition. The Snails in the photos are the exact colour strain we are selling and even the younger snails have this coloration but we will send you snails between 1 and 3cm. All snails have healthy shells and are fed only the best foods and calcium supplements to insure optimum health and lifespan.


  • Approx. size: 1 – 2cm
  • Maximum size: 6cm

As always, please do your research to make sure you are getting the addition to include in your setup. If you have any questions regarding fish keeping etc., please feel free to message me as we have over 30 years of experience with breeding and keeping hundreds of different species!

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