Bladder Snails – (CLEAN UP CREW)

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Bladder Snails x10 for £7.99

(Great algae eater and clean up crew)

*These Bladder Snails are fairly small, if you’re after larger snails check out our ad for Ramshorn Snails. However, these bladder snails won’t take long to grow.

Bladder Snails can function as an effective part of the aquarium’s cleaning crew and will spend most of their time grazing on waste and different types of algae.

Bladder snails have thin and translucent shells. They are slightly brown to yellow in colour and may feature some distinct markings of gold. You can see the snail’s flesh through the snail. Usually, it’s grey with splashes of black or purple.

Average full grown adult size is 1.5cm.

They are great for any tank size and ponds.

Bladder snails eat everything from algae to decaying meat or insects. In an aquarium setting, they tend to function as algae-eaters for the bulk of their diet. However, they’ll also consume leftover food, decaying waste, and so much more.

Bladder snails can coexist with just about any freshwater creature but larger fish will probably eat them so please message us for advice or do some more research.

They would also be great live food for such things as loaches, puffer fish etc.

Our snails are fed only the best foods and calcium supplements to insure optimum health and lifespan.

  • Water temperature: 64°F to 84°F (17°C to 28°C)
  • pH levels: 7.0 to 8.0
  • Water hardness: 12 to 18 dGH (harder water)

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Any questions regarding fish keeping etc., please feel free to contact us ( as we have over 30 years experience with keeping and breeding hundreds of different species of fish and invertebrates!

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  1. Mel

    Great looking snails!

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