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Black Trumpet Snails – 10 snail bundle


The Black Trumpet Snail (Melanoides Maculata) is one of the best algae eaters and an essential part of the clean up crew. One of the best things about this snail is it buries itself into the substrate. This slowly shifts the gravel around, having them feed on trapped food & decaying matter within the gravel/sand etc. Trumpet Snails are very beneficial for the roots of plants in your aquarium as they can stop anaerobic bacteria. These snails stay buried under the gravel most of the time & will come out once the aquarium lights have been switched off. This makes them great if you don’t want to see snails all the time. Trumpet Snails could be considered the ‘Earth Worm’ of the aquarium hobby & are equally important to our aquarium ecosystems.

This tough little snail is native to the Philippines & Indonesia, but is now worldwide due to the fish trade.

Feeding & Maintenance  

Feeding and maintenance is similar to other freshwater snail species. They will mostly eat algae, biofilm & decaying plant matter in your tank. However you should supplement your snails with dry foods (flake, pellets etc.) algae wafers, and will eat most boiled vegetables especially when they start to break down in the water.

One of the most important things for all aquatic snails is a good calcium supplement to help in developing their shells. Without it, their shells will deteriorate and look unhealthy. The best calcium supplements are crushed coral sand, cuttlefish bone, boiled egg shells & calcium tablet blocks for shrimp or snails.

This hardy snail will do well in most water conditions. Their shell will deteriorate and lose colour in tanks with a high acidic pH level.

It reportedly doesn’t hybridize with the more common variety of Trumpet Snail (Melanoides Tuberculata). This snail is suitable for beginners, and will breed very easily. It is in fact a live bearer, meaning it gives birth to live young unlike alot of other snails. Trumpet Snails have a lifespan of only about a year long, however they do give birth to approximately 70 young at a time. These baby snails are as small as 10mm in size. Trumpet Snails can reproduce sexually and through parthenogenesis.

Temperature : 72 – 86°F (22 – 30°C)

pH : 6- 8

kH : 2 – 12 dkh

Maximum Size : 1.5 inches (3.8 cm)

Social Behaviour/Temperament : Very peaceful

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