We breed all our creatures here in the UK

Free Tracked 24 Shipping on all Snails, Plants & our Special Wildlife Pond Bundle!

We breed all our creatures here in the UK

Free Tracked 24 Shipping on all Snails, Plants & our Special Wildlife Pond Bundle!

AquaManLife.com - Home-Bred Fish
AquaManLife.com - Home-Bred Fish

"About Us" AquaManLife.com - Your Unrivaled Source of UK Bred Aquatic Creatures & More!

Discover Our Story: Learn about AquaManLife.com and our journey, our passion for aquatic life, and our commitment to creating a thriving community of enthusiasts alike - beginners to experienced.

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Welcome to AquaManLife.com: A Family's Passion for Aquatic Life

We created AquaManLife.com, the ultimate shop & community for aquatic enthusiasts, in 2021 as a couple, teamed with over 35 years of experience. Our dedication to breeding, raising, and selling aquatic creatures like Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecos, Ramshorn snails, and much more.

We take immense pride in our fish and love sharing our passion for these fascinating creatures with our amazing customers.

Our Vision & Specialty: Breeding and Raising Adored Aquatic Creatures

What we really wanted to do and provide, was a place that everyone could get fish, snails, plants, shrimp and more that were ethically-bred, properly cared for and amazing quality! In spending time on eBay trying to find and purchase plants for our aquariums, we noticed how poor the quality was with alot of the products out there that people were selling. They weren’t true to descriptions, the plants were not grown submerged, leading us to deal with plants melting back and giving our tanks an awful look for an extended period of time, and the customer service was terrible for the most part.

So that’s when Jay said “We could easily provide a higher quality, properly bred and grown creatures & products for everyone!”

Along came AquaManLife.com which started off as an eBay shop and has now extended to our own online store. The goal is to not only have an online store that provides all of the above mentioned, but to also create a community hub where everyone can come to discuss aquatic topics, learn something and search for advice. 

In time you will see our store grow as we plan to eventually create and provide our own maintenance products and fish food at some point very soon.

So, all that being said, our expertise lies in breeding and raising diverse aquatic life, including Ramshorn snails, live bearer fish, plants, shrimp, and of course our beloved Bristlenose Plecos, which is all a labour of love. Our affection for these incredible creatures drives us to provide only the finest, healthiest specimens for your aquarium, ensuring your underwater paradise flourishes.

Building an Impactful Fish Community with AquaManLife.com

Our aspirations go beyond offering top-quality aquatic life. We aim to create an influential fish community on our website where everyone can join, collaborate, and help each other. We treasure our fantastic customers and the fishy community, working tirelessly to nurture a supportive and lively space for aquatic enthusiasts to connect, learn, and grow.

Pleco fry and Red Ramshorn Snail

Our Commitment: Outstanding Packaging, Shipping, and Customer Service

At AquaManLife.com, we pride ourselves on our meticulous packaging and shipping methods to ensure our aquatic creatures arrive safely and in peak condition. All of our packages go out using tracked shipping which you will be provided with immediately after your purchase. We ship out every Monday-Friday, and will send your item out the same day if put it by no later than 2pm. Our unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service and support means we’re always available to offer advice or assistance with anything our customers need. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Immerse Yourself in the Aquaman Life Experience

We invite you to dive into the AquaManLife.com experience and become part of our ever-growing family of aquatic enthusiasts. Share your love for these amazing creatures with like-minded individuals, discover our extensive range of unique aquatic life, and enjoy the camaraderie of a passionate community. Together, let’s make waves and create an underwater sanctuary for all to appreciate.

Keep up with the latest aquatic news, product releases, and exclusive offers. Join the AquaManLife.com community today by subscribing to our newsletter down below and following us on social media. Welcome to the AquaManLife.com family!

If you have any other further questions about anything aquatic related, please do not hesitate to contact us right away! Stay tuned – we will be starting to load incredibly helpful and useful videos on the AquaManLife.com YouTube channel, so keep a look for that coming!